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Heritage Renewed, Talent Celebrated: Street Art Project

Graffiti art is a powerful medium that can be used to unleash creative expression, energise environments, galvanise the viewer and unite communities.

Marc Delaye (Street Art Project Leader)

The creative Street Art graffiti project aims to engage young people from Merkinch. The workshop will develop confidence within the group through the creative process and will promote team work and collaboration between team members, in order to achieve a high standard of final artwork. The final exhibition (on the hoardings of the Mekinch Welfare Hall) will show individual artwork within a coherent and colourful ensemble. The artwork will be inspired by the past and future use of the Merkinch Welfare Hall, via the temperance movement, the early 20th century architecture and the future boxing club. The group will learn 'can control' to be able to work freehand and also 'stencil' techniques. Street Art Project Leader Marc Delaye is a freelance artist based in Inverness. He has worked extensively with young people in schools and art organisations in both France and Scotland. Marc is an experienced graffiti artist and painter specialising in mural painting and aerosol art.

The results of the Merkinch Welfare Hall: Fit for the Future Street Art project were hung on the hoardings outside of the Merkinch Welfare Hall restoration. The artwork was inspired by the past and future use of the Merkinch Welfare Hall: the Temperance Movement, the early 20th century architecture and the future boxing club They were created by pupils from Inverness High School, with guidance and tuition provided by expert street artist Marc Delaye.

There are twelve panels for the Street Are project: the first five represent the past and present. The past is depicted through the temperance movement "Catch-My-Pal Union" with the clear message of the drunk man and the women who were fighting temptation. The present is represented in the panels with the Merkinch Welfare Hall appearing derelict.

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The Girls from Inverness High School The Boys from Inverness High School Inverness High School pupils giving an interview to the Inverness Courier journalist Val Sweeney

On Friday 19th August 2016, the Graffiti Street Art project panels were exchanged, with the second part of the design being displayed outside the Hall. These additional seven panels represent the Hall being "fit for the future" as a vibrant boxing club. The young artists from Inverness High School were on hand to inspect the work and field questions from the press! The new panels look forward, celebrating the future use of the Hall as the new home of the Inverness Boxing Club.

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Some of the Art team Art in motion Marc the artist by the new board

Taking part in the project from Inverness High School were Chloe Connell, Caitlin Mackintosh, James Newlands, Michael Shields-Stevenson, Louise Watt, Caitlin Hunter, Aidyn Jones, Kuba Logocki, Jack Mackenzie, Chantelle McLeod and Calum Stewart.

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Further info: Freshpaint: Street Art Project "FIT FOR THE FUTURE"

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Courtesy of Freshpaint

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