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09/02/2016: On Monday the 15th of February 2016 restoration work on the Welfare Hall will commence. The work will be carried out by McGregor Construction and is due to last until December 2016.

23/02/2016: Work commenced on schedule on the restoration of the Welfare Hall. The newly created Graffiti panels from Inverness High School (part of the Merkinch Welfare Hall Street Art Project) will be mounted on the hoardings during the coming month.

24/02/2016: The Highlands and Islands Archive hosted the Merkinch History Group who learned about the archive service. The Archive Centre contains documents and maps relating to the Highlands and Islands.

04/03/2016: The History Group visited the Highlands and Islands Archive Centre in Inverness to learn how to use the Archive Service. The Archive Centre contains documents and maps relating to the Highlands and Islands.

In particular we were shown maps dating from the late 1700's to the 1960's. These showed street plans for the Inverness Area. We also saw records pertaining to who owned specific properties in the Merkinch Area. Some of the above information has been used in the Merkinch Welfare Hall Conservation Statement document. Alternatively if you are interested in using the service you can go along to the Archives and ask for a document request form.

11/03/2016: The results of the Merkinch Welfare Hall: Fit for the Future Street Art project were hung on the hoardings outside of the Merkinch Welfare Hall restoration. The artwork was inspired by the past and future use of the Merkinch Welfare Hall – the Temperance Movement, the early 20th century architecture and the future boxing club. The artwork was created by pupils from Inverness High School, with guidance and tuition provided by expert street artist Marc Delaye.

24/03/2016: Pupils from Merkinch Primary School visited Merkinch Welfare Hall in October and November (166 children from P1/2, P2, P3a and b, P4a and b) to see the building before restoration work began. The children will also help to fill a time capsule to be buried on the site – and, in March, the time capsule was officially passed to the school.

16/04/2016: The Men’s Shed event was billed as a ‘place of skill-sharing and informal learning, of individual pursuits and community projects, of purpose, achievement and social interaction’. The Merkinch Welfare Hall Photography Group joined the event on the Saturday to record the event and to both talk with and record people’s Merkinch Welfare Hall memories.

23/04/2016: The Merkinch History Group visited the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery for an object handling session. MWH History group members had a great morning working in the IMAG researching some of the people and buildings of Merkinch through the collections in the museum and the Highland Photographic Archive. One notable discovery was of George Garden (born in India Street); a soldier in both World Wars and recipient of the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his bravery in the 1914 - 1918 war. He also had a very successful army boxing career!

25/04/2016: Simon Green talked about the Temperance and Gothenburg Hall Movements. The poster for the meeting can be found here.

19/08/2016 - Graffiti Street Art project – the first set of graffiti panels have been exchanged for the new ones.

25/08/2016 – Photographic Group members got access to the Hall to record the changes and the renovation progress inside the building.

10/09/2016 –Doors Open Day – the doors of the Merkinch Welfare Hall were flung open to the general public.

10/02/2017 – WEA Highland Local Association February - March 2017.

18/03/2017 – Merkinch Welfare Hall opens to the Public. Come along to have a look around this newly Refurbished Hall restored to it's former glory!

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